advantages and disadvantages of teaching in rural schools

Furthermore, you would soon be able to pinpoint whether someone is lying to you or stating the truth. It can be used as the main energy source for cooking in rural areas and developing countries with no access to electricity or natural gas. While a virtual experience is not as enriching as a real-life encounter, it can certainly spark a sense of wonder and possibility. If you believe you can handle all of that without spending a lot of money, teaching can be a good alternative for you. The school is the center of their community. A teacher can make a difference in the happiness of others. It is important that teachers are explicit within all teaching practices in order to further develop student learning. 1. Students studying the animals of Africa, the Great Wall of China or the Egyptian pyramids, for example, never have to get on a plane. )g`^*n4B7'EVP&3y%Kvzk'"zd^d"ke^j/O'}9\L*evqnWKd~Xpgh"f> BdR\\N Students who reply primarily on the Internet for information and interaction don't talk to people in person as much; rather they just email back and forth. The use of educational technology in rural schools can maximize the natural advantages of rural schools and alleviate the disadvantages. But through virtual field trips offered by programs like FieldTripZoom and Discovery Education, rural students can experience the whole worlds wonders. How to become a teacher is a question many people ask themselves. Teachers do an important job for society: Another benefit of working as a teacher is that you will be contributing to society in a significant way. No longer boring, static videos, virtual learning has grown up and matured. Technology can overcome or alleviate these barriers. To augment their poor incomes, many instructors are forced to work over the summer or part-time throughout the school year. The use of educational technology in rural schools can maximize the natural advantages of rural schools and alleviate the disadvantages. Advantages and Disadvantages of being a doctor, Advantages and Disadvantages of being a lawyer, Advantages and Disadvantages of being a woman, Best side hustles for teachers while working in school, Best Countries for Masters degree program, Countries with the Lowest cost of living in the world, Which Is Correct, Couple or Couples? (KS). In a country that espouses a quality education for every student and bars discrimination based on income, these state and federal school funding facts present somewhat of a conundrum for policymakers. Samuel is bent on changing the legal profession by building Web and Mobile Apps that will make legal research a lot easier. For younger children, a field trip can teach them how to behave in public and respect adults; since virtual field trips dont leave the classroom, they only learn to respect their teacher. Provincial city students are absent for about 23 days, or four and a half weeks a So, whether you are considering teaching or going through the process, it will inform you well after reading this article. Fastback No. Historically, however, they have also had more financial and logistical challenges than urban schools and have been less equipped to offer a broad range of classes and enrichment activities. Being a teacher gives you the chance to build leadership skills. As a teacher, you ensure we give your students the best opportunities possible to complete high school or college. Your email address will not be published. Rural students typically have less access to books in their schools and through their public libraries. Rural students may also experience reduced offerings in terms of a reduced number of course offerings, particularly at Advanced Placement (AP) levels. As a teacher, you will have the chance to protect yourself and your students by building good relationships while teaching your job. <> It can also facilitate a students need to be at home for stretches of time due to illness or family obligations. Rural schools embody both advantages and challenges in terms of educating youth. <>/XObject<>/Font<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/Annots[ 11 0 R] /MediaBox[ 0 0 595.32 841.92] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S>> For more notes on teaching methods, see: The following section offers some tenets for consideration. Parents participate in many more aspects of the childs education than their counterparts in urban areas. These are the pros and cons of teaching. Teachers may need to make do with fewer materials and resources due to budget constraints. Your email address will not be published. More than 8.9 million students attend rural schools in America, according to researchers. It allows the teacher to provide more individual feedback to members of the class. The underlying principle of the Command Style is that teachers should be the sole authoritarian figure within their classroom. Its a great teaching advantages. The individual progression methodology allows students to participate within activities regardless of their individual skill levels, understanding and levels of motivation. In the meantime, rural schools will continue to innovate, make do, and celebrate rural education within their rich community identities and heritage. Lists advantages and disadvantages for satellite TV teaching, microcomputer networks, and two-way TV instruction. There is a new feature via phone, which involves hospitals keeping families and loved ones updated minute to minute when a patient is in surgery. Technology use in rural schools should be evaluated in terms of whether or not it serves the purpose for which it is employed and what data supports the evaluation. School-community picnics, special events and activities, and mutual collaboration affirm the distinction of rural schools. Rural schools often face geographic isolation, shortages in specialized staff, low student enrollments, small numbers of special needs students, limited program offerings for students, and limited opportunities for staff development for teachers and . The job of a teacher is far more than just teaching; it also involves extensive research and planning. Further, their completion rate in AP courses is lower than in other geographic designations. , less dense populations, and stretched budgets, rural schools often find it hard to compete with their suburban and urban counterparts. There are still plenty of challenges imposed by funding and underdeveloped internet networking, but the future looks bright for rural schools. With the full knowledge of the advantages and disadvantages of access to free basic education, a parent can decide which path they want their kids to take. You can improve your people skills:You will be able to effectively strengthen your people skills as a teacher. , with many rural students having no ability to get online at home. Access can be flexible. While the advantages are clearly assets to ensure a wholesome, community-based, high performing education. This method has the greatest potential to build self-esteem and therefore increase student enjoyment. place for rural schools to get started offering an expanded course schedule. These programs allow schools to expand their offerings and fill curricular gaps. Improving and increasing the use of technology in the rural classroom is an ever-changing and ever-expanding field. Furthermore, economic circumstances can mean kids do not have computers or other devices at home. With their higher per-pupil operating costs, less dense populations, and stretched budgets, rural schools often find it hard to compete with their suburban and urban counterparts. Every year, there are hundreds of thousands of students enter our public and private schools. However, educational technology and other tools are beginning to bridge this gap, bringing a wider variety of educational resources to rural communities. This is because, unlike formal education, it does not require a huge amount of monthly or yearly fees. Most schools have extended time off two or three times during the academic year and three months off during the summer. They cant take pictures or create memories with their classmates. He has a Bachelor of Arts in mass communications and English from King's College. As a disadvantage, educators may consider this information overload. It is here that the role of innovative teachers becomes quite essential. If our clients are not edging out their competition in their industry, then we do not sleep until they do! Many of Americas inner cities also experience inadequate school funding due to suburban flight of both businesses and wealthier families. !m^]HPrJZ #%IGv?[dc!#Cca"{~7\}@2{!vKx.3\MstclE=!vVcHewXtk= BpU#l)/B$tg a)-JCW+`T$J||h `a:tenUC$h z7W{"7!n/v& VqokT)*+ObP`s(w%{X`f&n'9CSm}`JN^H W/f' _B1G/O^D6'W;pdq}}se(gDoN:)*R,3+,m`?)p:-h@nUy jTEn6k\Ez(JBiMX;6j_hrYi,-~\=A0Y_,",o@gC2tnFv"i7-(Dybij -;Xn?vl3b}o)uv52IoS(nD)=Yg$VIbH~Z`8/x&. Sales:864-973-7973 Support: 864-643-5045. Children and parents will have more quality time together to build their relationship. Youll have to teach the same lesson over and over: Another disadvantage of teaching is that you will be required to teach the same material repeatedly and over again. No student input into lesson and therefore may fail to foster deeper learning. Students in rural areas do not have to be scholastically compromised by the limited hard-print resources their schools may have. We hope you enjoyed the advantages and disadvantages of teaching. The structure of activities utilising this methodology incorporate only minimal competition and therefore allow students to remain unthreatened, thus further fostering the development of positive attitudes towards all areas of the curriculum. It has a low-carbon footprint because it only emits greenhouse gases. Society depends on teachers to help and teach the next generation. There is much to be accomplished, but it will need the combined efforts of many devoted teachers. Further, special needs students are afforded greater opportunities for teacher focus when instruction is differentiated based upon Mastery Learning. And even when a rural area has a vital public library, the children and adolescents it serves may find it near impossible to get there due to limited transportation or family schedules. Lab equipment is expensive and most schools could never afford to replace their equipment as regularly as more advanced equipment becomes available. 2. The students within the class are required to comply with commands of the teacher and therefore execute all activities to a required standard and within a given time limit. <> Teaching, like any other profession, has benefits and drawbacks. The task style of teaching allows students to develop at their own rate and in their own direction. In rural areas, this invisible wall has a detrimental effect on resources available for school buildings, salaries (thus impacting recruitment and retention), transportation, and student materials due to the sparsity of taxable property from which to derive state school funding. We use cookies to help give you the best experience on our website. Of course, a lot of things have changed since then, and education is now a required public duty. Within this methodology it is the role of the teacher to initiate all learning sequences, while students are required to follow and adhere to all rules and restrictions implemented throughout the lesson. 3. For schools struggling with budgets and for schools in rural locations, going to an online museum or virtual zoo gives them a unique opportunity they might not otherwise have without Internet access. Also see: Most profitable skills to learn in 2022. 6. Special education programs can provide children with disabilities with the individualized instruction they need to succeed. Virtual labs make it possible to always have access to leading-edge equipment. The longer youve been a teacher, the more youll remember all you have to teach by heart and wont need to prepare for it. Technology in Rural Education. Many urban school children also live below the federal poverty level, although the percentages are slightly higher (NCES, 2010). Teachers do not get a salary for the months when school is not in session. Rural schools embody both advantages and challenges in terms of educating youth. Your inquiry is important to us. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, rural areas are small country towns, defined by geographic isolation from other communities, absence of large metropolitan centers, low-density settlement patterns, historic dependence on agriculture, and continual population loss, out-migration, and economic upheaval or economic distress. Significant attention has been given to the plight of urban school students over recent years. Impact of modernization on education Rating: 5,6/10 1295 reviews . Rural schools, by their very nature, are more isolated geographically, and tend to be less affluent as well. Has potential to achieve accuracy and precision in performance and is therefore useful when a predetermined model must be adhered to, or a synchronized performance is required. Get on our mailing list. Heres The Truth, UNIBEN Departmental Cutoff Marks For 2021/2022 Academic Session, FUTA School Fees For 2021/2022 Academic Session, FUNAAB Admission Requirements 2020/2021: UTME & Direct Entry. Read her bio below. The needs of all students are met when students are encouraged to move up a grade level as they prove they have mastered the material, based upon end of course examinations. In order to teach in a rural area, takes a servant's heart and dedication to teaching. Enter virtual learning. It is also common for teachers to experience bullying by some students and sometimes parents. The Internet allows students to meet people from all over the world at the click of a button. There are many positives to teaching but there are also some disadvantages that must be addressed. Due to the nature of the methodology students are able to participate within a non-threatening environment, therefore gaining subsequent experiences of success. To view or add a comment, sign in English teachers teaching in rural areas often face the non-availability of required technical support and relevant atmosphere to teach English effectively. The teaching by task methodology was developed upon the notions of personal practice, independent learning and individual development. While this is advantageous, it may also get monotonous, and you may grow tired of performing the same things over and over. Advantages and disadvantages of cavitation: The advantages are that it improves efficiency by increasing heat transfer while reducing friction by allowing for faster movement. A world of global and diverse friendships is opened to them, expanding their horizons and vision of who and what they can be. Due to the small size of rural school districts, bilingual programs are not feasible which presents a problem because federal programming for ELLs is not dependent upon affordability. Finally, inclusive classrooms with a regional special education consultant would enhance a rural communitys ability to work effectively with all students without the expense of hiring specialists in a variety of teaching areas. An advantage of going to a city school is that you get a college feel. Teachers work long hours to ensure that they are teaching well. The 4-day week works best in small, rural areas only. The average school is in session from approximately 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. during the week, leaving evenings and weekends free. With all of the information available to students, they may find it difficult to choose which information is most important to a topic and also when to stop looking. Teaching Methods: Advantages and Disadvantages,, LESSON NOTE ON JSS2 BASIC SCIENCE FOR THIRD TERM, THIRD TERM SCHEME OF WORK FOR JSS2 BASIC SCIENCE LESSON NOTE, LESSON NOTE ON JSS2 MATHEMATICS FOR THIRD TERM, THIRD TERM SCHEME OF WORK FOR JSS2 MATHEMATICS LESSON NOTE, LESSON NOTE ON JSS1 MATHEMATICS FOR THIRD TERM, THIRD TERM SCHEME OF WORK FOR JSS1 MATHEMATICS LESSON NOTE. But since virtual labs are shared by so many schools, and because they are in competition with each other, they have the flexibility and incentive to stay up-to-date. As a result, you will have a great level of personal responsibility as a teacher and will be able to make a significant difference in our world. Disadvantages of Online Courses. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); digitally democratizes access to education content for Nigerian Students and Teachers. Consequently, catering to the needs of all stages of education from pre-primary to university level, online education has emerged as an alternative to ordinary face to face classes. Hours of operation are restricted and actual resources are limited. Copyright 2023 Clear Touch. 6. While these opportunities provide great details and resources, they also can damage social skills. Lack of a student's strong personal motivation and the ability to learn independently; without the constant support and . Simply pick your favorite subjects and succeed at them. This particular methodology empowers students to take responsibility for their own learning and therefore fosters the possibility of deeper learning across a range of different areas. This means that individuals with higher knowledge and skill levels can be extended with advanced activities. Whats to stop you? Teaching will help you get to know your community. Some books will provide information about how to use technology in education. Students save on housing, gas money and travel expenses. Advantages of rural placements were better acquaintance with students and families, high community involvement, supportive atmosphere, opportunities to engage in various activities, fewer discipline problems, and rural lifestyle. Here is the importance of being a teacher. What can rural communities do to resolve some of the challenges inherent in their region and how can states and the federal government support the success of Americas rural school children? Some districts are finding ways to fund countywide wireless networks in rural areas in order to better support student learningand some larger corporations are finding creative solutions to the problem as well. Most children in the U. S. live in areas in which at least half of school funding is derived from property taxes. 4. Access can be flexible. And only a small percentage of them make it to where they are ready to take on a full-time role as either a teacher or school administrator. This gap can potentially put rural students at a significant disadvantage, limiting their education, their college paths, and their professional choices. 1Vlu1`P@_F$EI1.1` `1.X0@~5p*wv-%{[SX;_aAH~+ /&GOzb}9V^w-H,nI-of. Here are just a few innovative ways that technology can improve the quality of education in the rural classroom: Rural schools often have smaller teaching forces to go along with their smaller student populations. Limited operating budgets in rural schools present additional challenges for rural special education teachers. This will occur as a result of increases in performance coupled with the ongoing experience of success. #6 in Global Rating., rural districts and lower income families. Historically, however, they have also had more financial and logistical challenges than urban schools and have been less equipped to offer a broad range of classes and enrichment activities. You get to meet all kinds of people and learn about their customs and beliefs. Educational disadvantage and regional and rural schools 67 the average number of days absent from school per student, are higher in rural and regional areas. Many rural counties have only one small library. The use of virtual laboratories have several key advantages over traditional laboratory learning. You can teach many different subjects: Youll too have a multitude of freedom when it comes to the subjects you teach. With their. Barski has also served as a college professor, teaching courses in mass media and writing. Most can be accessed through a range of devicessmartphones, laptops, tablets, and more. 2. Students in poverty do not have as many opportunities to attend pre-school or to participate in enrichment activities as do their suburban or urban counterparts, hence their cost of education is higher. This particular methodology allows students to experiment with a variety of skills and techniques while still allowing the teacher to direct student learning. A teacher can inspire and motivate students to become productive members of society. Such approaches often fail to foster deeper learning, as students will often find such approaches uninspiring and therefore reproduce movements only to avoid reprimand. Below are some benefits of being a teacher essay. and increased access to information and resources, but they grow and mature from the networking and connectedness created by technology. Of course, online courses and other remote learning opportunities become even more engaging and interactive on a large flat-panel with 20 points of simultaneous touch. . The advantages of informal education are given below. In the cons of teaching its prominent. If you are looking for a job that will make you rich, dont choose to teach. A successful career as a teacher helps you to better the future generation. 1. Advantages and disadvantages of having a teachers license. Not only does blended learning expand course offerings, but it creates much-needed flexibility in the students schedules and can save critical budget dollars. Please enable JavaScript or use an alternate browser with JavaScript enabled. You will most likely just work 40 hours per week, however, some teachers work much less. Sure, youll have to work longer in the beginning because youll need to learn how to proficiently prepare for your classes. As leaders in society, being taught by others lets you see the very best ways to lead your students and those listening to you. Suddenly doing a tenth grade literature project on Irish literature with the help of students in Ireland makes the project more interesting and thus a huge advantage. Teachers, among other things, prepare and impact future generations by offering support, encouragement, inspiration, and information. There is very limited technology because of the building structure. The childrens future will also be in your hands because it will be up to you to educate them how and where to learn as well as some skills and experience so theyll be prepared for the tough world we are living in. l\Mxl :o*0N}tS#h$tPNVrg7[s$Fc"f0.X) KDrNkLsi r: Parents participate in many more aspects of the child's education than their counterparts in urban areas. Recommended: Best side hustles for teachers while working in school. More and more often, rural school districts are partnering with companies like Clear Touch Interactive to leverage technology in the classroom in order to provide a more thorough education for their students while still offering the strong community support that makes these schools effective for the populations they serve. Another issue stems from the fact that many new teachers are recruited for rural teaching jobs when they're first starting out. There is a rural identity. Click here to join the Clear Touch Experience! Yet, oftentimes, little attention is paid to the challenges faced in rural school districts including poverty, diversity, special education needs, lack of high quality preschool programs, decreased numbers of course offerings, state and federal funding issues, and difficulty in hiring and retaining qualified teachers (Hartman, Johnson, Klein, and Showalter, 2017). As with any education technique, classroom Internet usage comes with both advantages and disadvantages. Students will therefore often fail to adequately learn the basic fundamentals of the technique and as a result struggle to perform during delayed retention tests. ; Dr. Scott Mandel. It also expands the resources of a smaller library tremendously. There is a greater possibility that students will be distracted from the task when compared with the command style of teaching. He is a former television news reporter now working in news management and has written for regional magazines and business journals in Pennsylvania. Students in vocational schools spend significantly more time practicing tangible skills that they will need and can apply to the workplace. A good teacher is a great leader and mentor. Some districts are finding ways to fund countywide wireless networks in rural areas in order to better support student learningand some larger corporations are finding creative solutions to the problem as well. Many times, an administrator is required to fill the teaching vacancies. Christ-centered higher education transforming students to impact the world with grace and truth. Rural schools can offer more world languages, more specialized, higher-level programs like STEM classes, and more extensive Advanced Placement courses. Grant funds must be pursued by rural school districts as one method to increase school funding. Advantages And Disadvantages of Being a Teacher. This makes it hard for teachers to keep control of the students and prepare them for lessons. A teacher must have certain characteristics to make it easier for students to learn from them. They simply lack the resources to offer the full array of opportunities afforded to larger schools with bigger budgets and greater access to teacher talent. This can result in fewer enrichment opportunities for their students. . In a rural community, you are making a difference in the entire community. Nothing can be more important than being the standard and example that students want to follow. Your email address will not be published. As a teacher, it will be you that helps society to thrive and succeed. There are no issues with stress, tests, and grades. Greater potential for lesson to be executed as planned. Teaching is an honorable profession. TMWAv&_T|=Y The job of a teacher can become quite tiring. As a teacher, you will lead your student to become a leader. Kathy Johnson is the Assistant Director of the School of Education Professions in CCUs College of Adult and Graduate Studies. The focus on practical skills. Several colleges and scientific organizations offer free and low-cost virtual laboratories, including the University of Colorado Boulders PhET Interactive Simulations Project,,, and The American Chemical Society. Information is at their fingertips. To help students progress in a particular area specific knowledge and skills may need to be taught to the students. It is an efficient method for cleaning and . Edeh Samuel Chukwuemeka ACMC, is a Law Student and a Certified Mediator/Conciliator in Nigeria. Students are the most important aspect of teaching. Complicating matters is the fact that hiring and retaining specially licensed teachers for students is often difficult due to the isolation and lower salaries that rural communities face because of the geographical dispersion and lack of a strong school funding base. There are so many students and teachers that you get a head start on college. Several colleges and scientific organizations offer free and low-cost virtual laboratories, including the University of Colorado Boulders, A greater percentage of rural districts are appreciating the benefits of blended learning, where students participate in a combination of online, distance learning and traditional brick-and-mortar classes. It may open a door for a child in a remote, rural community that she eventually walks through as an adult. Digitalization of education: Advantages and disadvantages children in the world, with an estimated 430 million children in the age group of 0-18 years in the country. They simply lack the resources to offer the full array of opportunities afforded to larger schools with bigger budgets and greater access to teacher talent.

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