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People can still create accounts for the portal and submit complaints, but for now are unable to upload documents. Before filing a complaint, we recommend that you register an account so that you may track your complaint or answer any follow-up questions the Board or Program may have. You do not need to complete, or print, any pages that do not relate to your issue. Emergency and Permanent Rulemaking Hearing - November 4, 2021. Colorado Dental Board: Laws, Rules, and Policies. Application requirements are set to comply with the dental practice law of Colorado. All complaints, investigations and legal negotiations for this board are usually handled by investigators, attorneys and staff members of the Division of Professions and Occupations located at the address above or a field office. The Board reviews complaints about chiropractors and utilizes the Division's Office of Investigations to investigate complaints when necessary. for a term expiring January 1, 2025: The phone number to call the state board is 303-894-7800. The following screens will confirm the licensee or business information and your contact information (unless you check "File Anonymously"). License Renewal Information: All Colorado Dentist and Dental Hygienist licenses expire on the last day of February of even-numbered years. Colorado Division of Labor Standards and Statistics | 303-318-8441|Contact Us, Unemployment Rate - November 2022 The Colorado Dental Association regulates the practice of dentistry in the state of Colorado. Retain an attorney who accepts your insurance at the very first notice of a complaint. Note: Please do not begin this process until you have all documentation about your complaint available and ready to upload onto the online form. Call to have a Complaint Form mailed to you (916) 263-2300, OR. Denver, CO 80202, Phone: 303-894-7855 or 1-800-886-7675(Toll Free outside the Denver metro area), Colorado Office of Policy, Research and Regulatory Reform. Demands, Complaints, Responses, & Settlements Demands, Complaints, Responses, & Settlements Worker Forms / Formas de Trabajador (Complaints, Demands, Settlements) Employer Forms (Complaint Responses & Settlements) Other CDLE Tips & Leads Contact Us Colorado Division of Labor Standards and Statistics | 303-318-8441| Contact Us In response to a public Records Act request, as allowed by the Information Practices Act; To another government agency a required by state and federal law; In response to a court or administrative order, a subpoena, or a search warrant. The Colorado Dental Board regulates and licenses dentists . This is because dental board law differs from laws governing other courts. Phone: 303-894-7855 or 1-800-886-7675 (Toll Free outside the Denver metro area) The portal is a secure way for consumers to submit insurance complaints and communicate with the Division of Insurance. Delta Dental told me that this was their policy. The filing of a complaint against you with your states dental board is one of the most serious matters a dentist can face. It is a superior insurer." How to File a Complaint with the Dental Board There are three ways that you can file a complaint: Call to have a Complaint Form mailed to you (916) 263-2300, OR Use the On-line Complaint Form, OR Download and Print a Complaint Form Information Collection, Use and Access Collection and Use of Personal Information. Administrative law standards for admission of evidence or testimony and burden of proof may vary from a civil lawsuit. The Colorado Dental Board is looking for Colorado dentists and dental hygienists to act as practice monitors for other Colorado dentists and dental hygienists. After logging in to the Portal, you can submit your insurance complaint. The Colorado Dental Board held a Permanent Rulemaking Hearing on July 14, 2021, that allowed stakeholders a final opportunity to provide feedback before the Board considered adopting revisions to Rules 1.25 and 1.26, to implement Colorado Senate Bill 21-102 (Concerning the continuation of specific dental hygienist functions, and, in connection therewith, implementing the recommendations contained in the 2020 sunset report by the Department of Regulatory Agencies). The Board is made up of thirteen members: six dentists, three dental hygienists and three public members. As with any query your results will depend on the amount of information you enter. The American Dental Associations (ADA) Tip Sheet on Dental Board Complaints provides information about who can file complaints against a dentist with the dental board, what to do if you are named in a complaint, and possible outcomes of dental board complaints. Dont get caught in such a fix. (303) 894-7758 Your existing professional liability insurance may pay for your legal defense in a complaint against your dental license. You must log into the portal with your email and password to access information about your complaint, including updates and the Division's responses to your complaint. Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies 1560 Broadway, Suite 110 Denver, CO 80202. The Colorado Board Of Dental Examiners oversees licensed individuals who provide dental services within the state. An effective way to reduce the likelihood that youll be the subject of a complaint to the dental board is to maintain meticulous and accurate records for every patient and during every visit. Denver, CO 80202-3660 In the event of a formal hearing before the board, you should have legal representation. You do not need to wait 14 days after sending a written demand to then file a complaint with our Division. Application, Renewal and Customer Questions: Phone:303-894-7800 |, Phone: 303-894-7800 | Fax: 303-869-0144 | Email:, */ Board activities include licensing dentists and dental hygienists, investigating complaints about the licensed and unlicensed practice of dentistry and dental hygiene, disciplining those who violate the law and/or the Board's Rules and make, amend, and adopt reasonable rules and regulations governing the conduct of dentists and dental hygienists. There are several pages to complete. /*-->