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Not Captain America: Civil War (Movie) Compliant, Tony creates circumstances that force Peter to bond with him, and then takes advantage of society's views on Omegas. Loki gets himself caught during a battle. Peter had been through multiple foster homes, but nobody ever wanted him. Knew Steve wouldnt be able to hold his promise, and maybe it was just wishful thinking. (NOT ABANDONED - I'm dealing with some personal issues and will be back ASAP). With the backing of his new family, new teammates, and old friends, Tony will rise to face the threat that drew the Master of Death's attention to his home world to begin with. Also sexism bc the omegaverse sexist af for no reason.____________________Peter was adopted by Tony Stark by age 14. Marvel Loki | Loki Loralai oc | Action Adventure Fanfiction Loki Tony Stark Marvel Angst Sequel Bucky Steve. Everyone trying to figure out this relationship when Bucky comes back from the "dead". Pepper hates Iron Man, but he can't change what he is. There is no price Loki wouldn't pay to get Tony a golden apple. Its almost like a cyanide pill in some situations, in others it just gives the illusion that the fighters are un-killable. Remember, we don't have to win. And although she remained civil with Kate and Clint, it wasn't enough. Peter, awake at 3AM and struggling to finish his homework, texts Ned for help. Could taste in the air how quick it was pumping through his veins. , . Dragon Tony Stark. Sophia was 18 when Hydra kidnapped her, gave her abilities, and made her their new secret weapon. (2015) technically. watch live tv anywhere. Edit: I saw your comment below, I think they did not feature nanotech though. Peter is going through a lot. Whats going to happen? Peter whispers softly to his mother once they are alone again. The perfect omega for him rather. Now with amazing fanart by MagicFishHook. No Natasha Romanoff the world doesn't need you or your group of terrorists it just needs us. , . And it'd be even nicer if Maisie Moore was there with him in his bed, pressed against him all night, clean and warm, maybe soft (he thought she looked soft). That force is hard to place, its roots are tough to find, and so is the garden in which it blossomed; the great ecosystem of cause and effect hides its secrets well. hmm I haven't read any that have him go back from Endgame to IM1 but I do know a couple that have him go from Civil War back to Avengers (2012), would you be interested in those? Somehow, despite everything, they manage to have fun growing up together. There was no sudden moment that made him think, 'Oh.'. After saving a distressed man from considering suicide, he becomes enamoured and obsessed with Spider-Man. It was the part when he realized that there where ginormous, 21 feet wings relaxed at his sides. Hephaestus may be kind, but he does not take kindly to anyone who messes with what is his, and Earth, no matter what Thor says, is under his protection. Work Search: Tony gets all pouty because he thinks Bucky doesn't like him, but really, Bucky's so smitten with him that he can barely stammer out two words when Tony's around. From there, we find out exactly how Tony Stark and Stephen become so obsessed with our very own, Peter Parker. They're spending time apart when things start to get interesting-- superheroes and Hydra trying to take over the world. Death isn't the end of everything. Tony finally fixes himself after the Civil War. The blessings he gives; and the cruelty he can deal. Steve is a super soldier, it shouldnt be so easy for Tony to move him across the room. After everything, all Tony ever felt was exhausted. Hes connecting the finished product to the multimeter to check the voltage, the current and resistance, when a lead slips, a shock ricochets up through his spine, and he sees black. Tony Stark/Stephen Strange Parenting Peter Parker | Supremefamily | Strange Family, despite the centuries [i love you the same]. In fact, Tony probably couldnt have been more different if he tried. Through ECHO he meets Bucky, a wolf shifter with too many secrets. Because leaking the entire S.H.I.E.L.D database on the internet may not have been so good idea after all To put it simply, the butterfly effect is a bitch. The New Avengers, headed by Tony Stark, have finally established themselves in the world, working closely alongside the UN to maintain public trust. While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. She's smart, she's strong, and she has hydrokinesis. Tony sees an opportunity to protect the world from future attacks by learning as much as they can from their captive. One by one, the Avengers watched as their enemies were reduced to nothing more than dust in the wind, every soldier, ship, every member of the Black Order/Children of Thanos - save Past-Nebula and Past-Gamora, for some odd reason - following the examples of the innocents who'd faded away five years ago, including many of . He's a little more disturbed when the monster turns out to be Loki, and not happy at all to learn that Loki is visiting to ask his daughter to come help rescue Thor from a mess that might be Loki's fault. Thor/OC Soulmates - start of fic 1/3/232.Tony/OC -either mid fic or pre-fic 1/7/233. After Rogers' bullshit Civil War, Tony return home to stay as the King of Emotions with no plans to return. I think I have read some but can't get links right now, these are the only one which I have right now. She's led a quiet life as a nurse working with Doctor Stephen Strange. There will be many challenges for Tony and his family to face. Inspired works at the end of the chapter. Steve is the angry alpha lead singer of a punk band illegally squatting in the very building Stark wants to buy and demolish. On the run from a crazy ex; Steve Rogers never imagined his life to become any crazier than it already was That was until his car stopped working inside the haunted forest that turned out to be a lavish haven for the creatures of the dark all around the world. Violent murders occur at night, and Peter inevitably investigates and finds trouble. These are the ideas for one-shots as it says in " Choices of Avengers ".As it says that after Endgame's time travel, Tony Stark is chosen to right some wrong choice. Tony's life is about as normal as it can get with a werewolf husband and an adopted daughter who is actually the personification of a cosmic cube. James "Rhodey" Rhodes. Theres an incredible force between them it swivels and burns in the air, almost physical be it attraction, history, feelings (the love-on-first-sight kind), or something else, born with blood and magic and the desperation of one good day in the middle of a war; who knows. Do I get a few more years before I kick the bucket? He joked awkwardly.I am the Sorcerer Supreme. Loki sees a chance to manipulate his way to freedom and destroy The Avengers from within. Marys blood feels like ice when she hears an all too familiar voice taunt Daddys home.. Tony Stark has secrets. How is she going to handle that? IIm sure he wont allow us to see each other for a long time. Tony Stark died at the hands of the one that called himself friend. So, like Peter, she buried herself in assassin work. Loki, the scepter and the Tesseract are too dangerous to be left in anyone else's hands. . She had lost the one thing that mattered at all to her- her sister. Work Search: Her tenacious, passionate, and often defiant nature has pushed her to be a success in her own right. In a free use society, its not all that uncommon for a meeting of The Avengers to devolve into a fuck fest. Lots of death, betrayal, and hearts breaking around every corner (character and viewer alike).What if there was someone behind the scenes who helped prevent all of that?What if there was an extra character - one who, like her sister, was banished - who made so many important friendships and relationships that one day helped her save the world and the people in it?Multiple times too. A mutant?! Read Lights- [pre Ark Reaktor]Tony Stark x reader from the story - by deanxmon (olivia) with 3,837 read. Yeah sure, Observer Effect. Steve wanders too deep into a dark forest. After all, Peter is his, and they were just meant to be. Never mess with the greatest Serpent known to man. Could Tony Stark single handedly conquer Westeros? Sequel to Penance. Not without her fathers coming along, anyway. For the woefully unprepared mortals, Hephaestus decided to step in as a mortal and advance its technologies and weapons; but it was not enough against the upcoming foe the Avengers have to face. Odd, but the weirdest part wasnt that. I can't believe I forgot that one - it's most of the series! We start the journey following Liv Odindottir and her adventures through my own take of the Marvel Universe, where hopefully, everyone gets a happy ending. Evelyn struggles to find a way home, to Tony. The night Dumbledore placed a young baby on the doorstep he thought he was doing what was best for the future. What no one sees is the true threat to everyone involved- the darkness that has already taken root inside their minds. Maybe, he's starting to think, it would have been better if Thanos had killed him outright. This tag has not been marked common and can't be filtered on (yet). However, when Thanos comes to threaten the earth, the Avengers will be forced to face some old ghosts when Steve Rogers and his team of renegades are called in to work with Tony's team. Rory Potter is Harry's twin sister, but after Voldemort killed her parents, she and Harry were separated. again: say it with me BECAUSE I SAID SO. Tony Stark, what about him? There it was. So this is my first attempt at a soulmate AU. its really more of SIM with a twist. Not just that, but they send her with none of than Bucky Barnes, her deviously handsome best friend. Make it count!" Half-dazed from the fight, Tony watched with dull eyes as the beam came rushing for his head. Hilarity ensues. But it may help prevent the fate that awaits Tony Tony Stark beard fanfic - Styling Tips. He fixes the accords, he fixes Rhodey's Leg braces and now finally he fixes himself. More in notes. These are the ideas for one-shots as it says in "Choices of Avengers".As it says that after Endgame's time travel, Tony Stark is chosen to right some wrong choice. It's thigh-biting fic.). Not many people knew about his secret identity; only Ned, MJ, and Flash were aware of his crime-fighting pastime. Then there is a knock at his door. Four boys tackle living as peasants in Camelot where magic is outlawed while also living as Asgardian Princes with no real chance at the throne. The avenger civil war was all part of the plans. Like genuine time travel, not the ant man thing. Now Tony must return once again to stop his brother, as well as end Steve's bullshit once and for all. A song without a beat. He never learned his name. Please consider turning it on! If you bring him back, he will want you. Tony rolled onto his back to see Steve better. Your Skin Tastes Like a Norngiven Golden Apple. Both of them driven by grief, doing something, anything to fill the emptiness inside of them. He may also be darker or more evil than expected. Please consider turning it on! who has emerged from the Veil of Death in a world without wizards. Doesn't know about Thanos, but many Ironman movie related things are changed. He was aware now, though. FEM Potter. Of course, Parker luck wouldn't allow him to live peacefully for long. Needless to say, Tony doesn't like that idea. Three days before the breaking of the Avengers begins. I Am the Master. When Tony walks in on Peter fingering himself, he has a sudden realization that he is harboring some not-so-appropriate feelings for his brother. Whenever this spell was casted, sorcerers made sure to protect the caster at all costs because if that person was to die, so would the bonded.Stephen walked toward Tony quietly.I am the only spellcaster who is capable of casting the spell. Continuation from "The Superior, The Mystical, and their Son.". So, these are the ideas of what if, that can or will be made into storyline.1=Unity-Protector of Stones2=Guardians of Stones3=Princesses of Infinity4=Ques for readers5=Iron Family6=Changing the world alone or with everyoneIf you like or don't like any ideas from above tell me in comments. AU//A chase through the warehousing district of Gotham gone wrong. Now Hela is free and will make certain no one ever harms her son again. He just wants to see what Stark will do to get him back. three centuries ago, Steve left Tony, unable to see how his vitality was going to go hopelessly fading. We'll see! What happens when she meets them in very short span of time. Then he remembered being gripped strongly and taken away by someone with lanky arms, bright green eyes and soft black hair. A supportive community for writers, readers, and reccers to talk about and share FanFiction. A Discordant Note Noodlehammer Harry Potter 10-11-2018 10-14-2018. Bucky is a glamorous omega model for Playalpha magazine, run by Tony Stark who likes to keep his pretty girls close to him. Bucky is a glamorous omega model for Playalpha magazine, run by Tony Stark who likes to keep his pretty girls close to him. The Superior, The Mystical, and their Son. Just not in the way he expected. For as long as anyone can remember, Lorelai Jacobs has never backed down from a challenge. It is intentionally written in second person, as if the reader is the protagonist, and on the forums people can vote for actions after each segment is put online, in an approximation of a choose-your-own-adventure book with more flexibility. Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Major Character Death, No Archive Warnings Apply, Choose Not To Use Archive Warnings, Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings, Tony Stark & Guardians of the Galaxy Team, Not Captain America: Civil War (Movie) fix-it, Pre-Avengers: Infinity War Part 1 (Movie), James "Rhodey" Rhodes & Tony Stark Friendship, Clint Barton & Natasha Romanov Friendship, Tony Stark Has Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. This is my fill for my K1 square on my Tony Stark Bingo 2018 challenge card. . . No Wonder everybody thinks Tony Stark has no heart: Loki stole it. A side effect is that the tags may never be fully up to date, just as warning or I may not remember something applies. After the Battle of New York, The Avengers make a decision. James and Lily Potter has given birth to twins. The fight was over swiftly, the enormous wolf taking out one, two, three men before the rest could react. problems with robotics? The two teams will be forced to face their pasts to work together to save Earth. My Use and Value is What You Do by izumi2, but it is a genderswap. Steve Rogers. . She wont be doing it alone though. If we just do what he wants, the sooner we will see each other again. The team has managed to create a close-knit bond, working together to forget the past. tony can put his plan to defend the world from threats greater than Loki, Ultron, and the chitari into action. Thor and Loki have been warned about Hela but what no one knew was Hela had been free before temporarily and it changes the course of fate. When Peter comes of age he must begin the next phase of his worship to the God - Sexuality.But Peter has never been good at following rules, and he does the one thing that no man is permitted to do.He touches. Loosely based on a prompt by farawatt. That what he felt towards Peter was past the line of being simply immoral. Diana Reynolds knew she had 7 soulmates, something that made her rare. When someone turns 15, the first line their soulmate will say to them appears on their wrist. Which is to say, not very normal at all. The only thing he had left was Spider-Man. A mutant become a guardian angel for the Avengers. Eventually, it grew to him knowing that what he was doing to Peter, who remained unaware, was an insurmountable, unquantifiable number of times worse. Tony doesnt know what he is, or where he came from. tip: arthur merlin words>1000 sort:hits. At least it is assumed to be an eating disorder, emesis warning cos that happens and i know emetephobia is a thing, | Jianxiaqingyuan | JX (Video Games), Michelle Jones & Ned Leeds & Peter Parker, Peter Parker is Pepper Potts's Biological Child, Peter Parker is Tony Stark's Biological Child, Otto Octavius Acting as Peter Parker's Parental Figure, Minor James "Bucky" Barnes/Steve Rogers/Tony Stark, Peter Parker is Eighteen or Nineteen Years Old, Tony Stark/Bruce Wayne/Original Female Character, Alternate Universe - Creatures & Monsters, Non-Traditional Alpha/Beta/Omega Dynamics, Tony seems dark but actually he's kinda sweet, but there's no actual hunting going on? *Books can be read alone or all together*(Parts of this book makes more sense if you read at least one of the other books though). In a Dark, Dark Forest, There Is a Dark, Dark, House James "Bucky" Barnes/Steve Rogers/Tony Stark, consent gets questionable for a moment because Bucky's in heat, But is cleared up very fast because Jarvis. So, they decide to keep all three. Tony, on the other side of this mess, feels very much alive when he should be dead so what the fuck-. The Allfather has run out of options. Follow . To make things worse, the man turns out to be Harry Osborn, the heir to Oscorp Inc. However Peter quickly finds that Tony's offer was not everything he thought it would be, and he must find his balance quickly in his new role as Omega mate of the Pack Alpha of the Avengers. It might not be the easiest life, but it was his, and he could make a difference, no matter how small. art by MassiveSpaceWren. Avengers React by V Stylinson. It changes him, except in the ways that it doesn't, and the world, except how it stays the same. Left to the ice, drowing in his own blood. "Stark! Thanos risks that Balance once again. the civil war was all according to the plan. When offered a chance to become a part of something bigger and better than the Avengers could have ever been, he jumps at the chance. blackwidow. And yet, when that life comes to an end, Tony finds himself born once again in May, 1970. This tag has not been marked common and can't be filtered on (yet). Unfortunately, a meet-the-family (in celebration of Phil and Clint's bonding) adds difficulties nobody had planned for. Work Search: A young female omega finds out she belongs with the Avengers pack. You'll just have to read and see to be sure. ), This fic is set Five Years after the events of Civil War.---------. When they answer a summons from Tony Stark to discuss the fallout, it seems the billionaire has other things on his mind. Then footsteps seemingly appear from nowhere. How does that change her relationships with her mates and her decisions during her presentation?

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