jeep tj automatic transmission swap

Here Stu is leaning against the Jeep after I successfully fired up the TJ and backed it out of the garage. Ignore that code. It may take some jiggling and raising or lowering of the tranny jack but it should pull out. I then started marking my measurements onto the plate. ), Replace the input gear in your existing transfer case. At this point we need to look at the shifter assembly and brake pedals. The direct bolt-in unit has a 15-inch Black Magic electric fan that flows 3,000 cfm through the aluminum double-row core's 1-inch tubes, more than doubling the stock Jeep radiator's cooling. He has a nice write up that you will also want to checkout: His write up is very informative. Traffic speed is varying between .5 and 85 MPH. Thats before you even factor in the cost of the tranny. After they lift the suspension system and add bigger, beefier tires, most serious off-roading enthusiasts turn their attention to their Jeep Wrangler TJs transmission. It needs to connect to Pin 21 on the TCM plug. Tires and Wheel and Tire Kits do not qualify for free shipping. TH400: The Turbo 400 . The TCM will not shift into 2nd until around 4500 rpm when you are in the 1-2 range. Granted, you can solve this by locking it into first or second. Then clip the end of the cable to the selector. Ideally I would recommend that these holes be drilled 1.5 inches farther back. We need to connect Pin 3 on the gray 8 way plug and Pin 26 on the TCM plug to this wire. I really like the twin stick option. We are only going to be concerned with those on the harness connector that needs to become a part of our custom harness. I cant wait to go wheeling again to try it out. Please be very careful when doing this part. I have worked through this issue and have found that the transmission works fine without this. This is the beginning of a couple of days of road testing. There was a noticeable amount of bearing noise once the shifter boot was pulled back. It cost more than I had planned but it was done and I was ok with that. Novak offers the most complete Jeep TJ swap kit that we know of. From under the hood pull the master cylinder and clutch cylinders back. ***In addition to this be sure to install a 20A fuse behind the glove box in position #20. It provides a ground and bypasses the neutral safety switch. Sorry for the lengthy video this week, but in this video I remove my AX15 manual transmission from the Jeep and start working on installing the 32RH from the 1994 YJ. Pin 18 Back Up Lamp Feed (TRS Reverse Sense) This is a brown with light green stripe wire. It worked like a charm. Its purpose is to apply 12 volts to pin 18 on the TCM telling the TCM that the shifter is in the reverse range. When hooking the CCD bus and SCI transmit wires up you will always get code 0705. It completes the output speed sensor circuit. Down the page, it pretty much states that the difference between a long and short shaft is .9. If you dont remove all of them you will find yourself cursing at the point you try to free the tranny from the engine. I drilled new holes 1 farther back on the bracket. This is why I relocated the holes in the above picture. When its 115 degrees out with the AC on max the radiator and condenser are at full capacity to keep things cool. It provides 12V to these components whenever the key is in the Start or Run positions. Widely considered to be the best automatic transmissions in the world, General Motors HydraMatics make for outstanding upgrades into Jeep powertrains. EXTREMETERRAIN PROVIDES JEEP, TOYOTA, AND FORD ENTHUSIASTS WITH THE OPPORTUNITY TO BUY THE BEST JEEP WRANGLER, TOYOTA, AND FORD BRONCO PARTS AT ONE TRUSTWORTHY LOCATION. Plumb the cooling lines into the radiator. Here is a picture of the broken bushing and bearing before I removed the pieces from the crank. Because it is a reliable, common, and short transmission, it is probably the best automatic transmission to swap in a short Jeep such as a flat fender or CJ-5. Pin 4 TRS Overdrive Sense This is a light green with black stripe wire. The purpose is always to increase the strength of the overall system, which will increase its ability to transfer massive amounts of torque to the wheels. This completes the circuit the TCM needs to get signals from the TJ throttle position sensor and brake switch sense circuits. Pull off the T handle so you can install the shift indicator panel. (Boy, is he underpaid!!! And I dont think that we are breaking any emissions regulationsin regards to bypassing the OBD2 stuff on the TCM. Have fun with your new tranny! Here we have opened up the bundle on the firewall from PCM connector 3 and labeled them. This wire provides constant power for the TCM. This is where we started to have issues. Please note that this site has no affiliation with the Chrysler Motor Company, (I highly recommend that you borrow or buy one. It was now a matter of soldering in some wires to create the harness. I thought Id try something different. Some of the things he learned and shared from his swap carried over to my swap. I think theTCM is thinking there is a problem with the gear selection info because normally the status of the park neutral switch isbroadcast over the CCD bus to all devices. While holding your speed, tap lightly on the brake pedal. You should not have to buy a new console. The wires coming out of the TRS are different colors than those on the harness side. __________________ Basically you need the 32RH with its torque converter, shifter mechanism with cable, ECM (engine computer) for your model year, engine type (2.5 or 4.0), and programmed for the automatic. This will make it alot easier to find the first hole. Free shipping on many items | Browse your favorite brands . After the transmission is installed run these up the firewall on the passenger side of the motor. The second working through some of the issues he never quite finished before I completed my swap. 4) The Cherokee AW4. Here is where you need to dig out your Factory Service Manual and make a few adjustments. Once the bushing and bearing are completely removed use a small file and some very light sandpaper to make the inside surfaces smooth again. Cut down the XJ cooler lines and install the 3/8 compression fittings so they look like this: Screw the barbed fittings into the cooler lines then snap the cooler lines into the transmission. This adapter assembly brings the Jeep / Mopar 4.0L engines together with Chevrolet style automatic transmissions, including the TH350, TH400, TH700R4, 4L60, and Early 4L60-E* transmissions. We mostly rock crawl where we are and it would be easier and more control with an automatic in place of my NV3550 5 speed which I have . This will tie into the wire bundle coming out of the TJ PCM on connector 1 pin A4. The first being the wiring portion of the swap. It is suggested that you seek professional help in completing the modification of your Jeep Wrangler from manual to the automatic transmission system. Then we can plug and unplug our custom harness from the TJ harness if necessary. I had some 3/8 countersunk bolts on my shelf so I decided to use these. 4L60E Auto Transmission, Rebuilt. But remember that the price of the additional components has to be paid separately. Rough Country items are not included in Free Shipping offers. Then drop the bolts in from the top and weld them to the plate. The X spline is cut for the full length of the spline stub. Ok, well that sounds like the input gear is probably all right then. I think I will stick with my small brake pedal. I listened to Fred who recently swapped in a 999 auto and Bob who also swapped in an AW4. Carefully find the wire and label it. Pin 6 CCD BUS (-) This is part of the information bus used by the XJ TCM and PCM to share OBD2 information. I used 1.5 qts of Castrol ATF+3. Therefore Idecided to sell my Teralow and roll that $450 into the swap. It needs to connect to Pin 1 on the black 8 way plug. Another loose end, so to speak, is the reverse lights. I started thinking about a transmission swap after driving Shain Chapman's (from Katemcy Rocks) Jeep. Pin 2 Transmission Solenoid B This is an orange with white stripe wire. I got off at the next freeway exit. Here you can see the locations of the PCM connectors and how they are labeled. This will tie into the wire bundle coming out of the TJ PCM on connector 3 pin C24. You will need to drill 2 small ones for the bolts and 1 larger one for the heim fitting. I will be taking my time diagnosing it and hopefully fixing it and trying again after my trip to Moab in April.Check out our website: Store: 4WD: 10% off discount code: use the code muddybeards at checkoutTools I Use, MotivXTools: off coupon code: muddybeardsLights I Use: off coupon code: muddybeards4x4Yankum Ropes: Due to factors out of the control of Muddy Beards 4X4, we cannot guarantee against improper use or unauthorized modifications of this information. I have also read that this can add 20 degrees to the cooling system. Both 4.03 and 6.32 First. This is where Stu Olsons expertise comes in handy. 2009 Jeep Wrangler V8 Conversion. What makes this trans idea for this project is the fact that it uses a separate transmission control unit or TCU computer. If you have a 2018, confirm that you have a JL or JK. The TF904/TF909 - 3 speed auto - used '84-'86 with 2.5L I-4 and 2.8L V6 engines (909 is 904 w/ lock up converter) With the 94-95 YJ 2.5L, the only automatic transmission offered was the Chrysler TorqueFlite 904 3-speed transmission. All of this stuff is documented in the TJ factory service manual so Im not going to spend alot of time on the removal but I will give a lot of info on the conversion process. For someone that has does a TC rebuild I am sure you will have no problems. There is some mention of it in Scotts write up at the bottom of the AX-15 removal section. I obtained Biffs permission to include them here as they will be easier to locate for all who are looking for AW-4 swap info for their TJ. They were of no help to me. My front driveshaft was lengthened almost 2. I wanted to get a better feel for the automatic first. We need to completely remove this from the TJ for good. I think the convertor will lock in 2nd too, but I am not sure and it would be hard to test using the I drilled 2 holes not quite as big as the bushing is wide into the bushing. Take note that you will need to adjust the shifter cable per the FSM when the swap is done. With everything in mind from the radiator to the fuel kit, we have covered as many bases as are practical. Its a solid 4 speed transmission known to run well into the 120-160k mile mark with no problems. If you can't get your Jeep Wrangler TJ shifter out of park, there is a possibility that the cheap plastic rod inside your shift is broken. So the TCM knows the engine RPM, and of course the output RPMs. 1987-1995 Jeep Wrangler YJ Chevy V8 Engine;. Be sure to have a couple good sets of snap ring pliers handy. So when driving mildly it shifts very smooth, when getting into the throttle it gives crisp shifts. Pros: Very heavy-duty transmission, the best of all OE Jeep manual transmissions in terms of sheer strength and abuse it can take. It will pull out allowing you to install the indicator panel.). Everything is going really well so far. Radiator Cap: Included. Refer to FSM for more details. by Scott Kruize Avondale, Az A week later I took it on its first trail run. Once the pilot holes were complete we drilled the larger holes. It's an easy swap to do. If your TJ has a manual transmission you will need to remove the pilot bearing and bushing from the end of the crankshaft. Stick with the 5 speed cheaper and readily available. Like I said before, this is only temporary!!! Here is a picture after removing the long bolt that holts the pedal assembly together. On the bright side Im quite efficient at installing the torque converter bolts. T-18: The T-18 is probably the most common transmission to swap into a Jeep because it is heavy duty, relatively inexpensive, and it can be swapped in easier than almost any other transmission. So now we know what each connector is for and where the wires need to go. I hope to save some of you a bit of time. My rear driveshaft is actually 2 inches longer than it was before. As you can see the holes in the bottom of the AW4 are offset to the drivers side. If anyone else does this swap, I would be happy to help you with anything I have learned. Removal..went without a hitch doesnt it always? Are Used Jeep Prices Finally Starting to Come Down? Install the 4 torque converter bolts. Check out this guide. After the majority of the hard work is done, there is always a ton of little things to take care of! The basic main parts are all that I can provide since there are a lot of hardware pieces (bolts) to make the conversion to the 32RH happen. As if the former AX-15 was in reverse, bypassing the old switch. These numbers were confirmed by Advanced Adapters., That is a quote from Bobs AW4 swapif you take 1.35 from 2.1 you get .75. It needs to connect to Pin 1 on the TCM plug. Install the AW4 dust shields to the engine block. Im assuming you already routed and tied up the harnesses above the transmission and transfer case. That completes the temporary wiring portion of the swap. We have seven wires coming from the TRS. FREE 2 or 3-Day Delivery on 10,000+ Items. I will post my thoughts and road blocks we ran in to while doing it. Stu and I stuck a needle into the wire and then checked it with an ohm meter. Bolt the TJ shifter to the plate using the 4 bolts. I began with a piece of 1/4 plate. The shifter is a linkage cable that connects to the transmission. Master Rebuild 231 Kit. Fred Wilson Fred is from Tucson, AZ. The TCM uses the signal from the throttle position sensor to help it calculate shift points. Buy a clocking ring. This will add 1/2 to the driveline length and costs $125-190. Its purpose is to ground the Park/Neutral circuit on the TJ harness when you shift into Park or Neutral so that the starter relay can be engaged which in turn allows the motor to be started. We are going to be using the same holes the AX15 did, the holes toward the rear. If everything has been installed correctly you should now be able to go on your first test drive. Be sure to get the light assembly that goes with the indicator panel. Modify the transfer case linkage. Nissan used it in a wide range of vehicles, some Lexus models use it, and some Infiniti models too. We put it back in and went to put the case up and it would not go in. Now we are talking. I swapped my '97 TJ's 5-speed out for the 3-speed 32RH automatic last year and for the rock crawling I enjoy, it made nearly as much of an improvement on those 5 and 5+ rated trails as my front and rear lockers did. Sitemap Jeep TJ 1997-2006 Chrysler TorqueFlite A-904 & A-727 Jeep Wrangler JK 2007 - Present Jeep 4X4 Performance Handbook . Section 1033(b)(4) information that cannot be retrieved in the ordinary course of Web home page for the emily post institute, inc. . Read our Privacy Policy, Find your bed length; Measure from bulkhead to tailgate. They are both black with tan stripe. Install the shifter bracket and snap the shifter cable into position. Im not going to go into a lot of detail on the steps necessary to remove the AX15. I have owned YJs and TJs in the past. It has been used in Cherokees 87-2001. This is where they will connect to the harness you have been making. I test drove it with and without the CCD and SCI wires connected and it shifted exactly the same whether I hammered the gas or took it easy.

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