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A roadmap measures time against the amount of work completed and remaining; a Gantt chart is useful for large projects with many dependencies. Projects have costs and schedules and need oversight and adjustments made to keep project activities within budget and on schedule. 1. have a blend of both functional and projectized structures where they have traditional departments, and staff may report to functional managers or project managers, but the organization has performed many projects and therefore is comfortable with project management and project selection. Expect a timed quiz after each chapter to assess your knowledge base and testing skills. Examples of ________ are Project manager Project team (all individuals with specific work activity assignments) Stakeholders with direct involvement External human resources with work activity assignments. Stakeholders might not agree on what success looks like External risks can affect project success. <p>Dear All, </p> <p>I created a test project to test adding columns in a DataListView, not ListView. What are the steps in the Four Stage Planning Process? \ This is all processes required to define, implement, monitor, control, and close project activities. The earliest point uncompleted work can begin on an individual work package activity. Ongoing activity to create product, service or result. Differentiating characteristics of projects from routine, repetitive daily work are below: Define a project. School Florida Institute of Technology Course Title BUS 5113 Type Test Prep Uploaded By terrydean1127 Pages 19 Ratings 100% (26) Strategic plans are implemented primarily through projectse.g., a new product, a new information system, a new plant for a new product. Strategic planning, Business area analysis, Project planning, Resource Allocation. Write well-defined tests for front-end and backend 4. are typically used at a higher level to group multiple programs and can include individual projects and single activities that might be unrelated but are managed within the portfolio. A pictorial chart of project activities arranged and connected in sequential order based on logical relationships and activity requirements. ______ defining a ______ is specific in nature and usually results from information derived from customer specifications, statement of work (SOW), industry standards, or government regulatory requirements. Resources can be underestimated. Project Management Quiz Correct 1/1 Points 1.Project charters typically include all of the following elements EXCEPT: positive and negative risks project assumptions detailed resource requirements project constraints Correct 1/1 Points 2.A well-written business case should persuade decision-makers to support the project. The main traits of a project: A. Activities can be used only once within a diagram. SWOT analysis (external and internal) 3. formulate strategies 4. implement strategies 5. evaluate results. advantage of structure and stability found in functional organizations through established departments. Acquisition B. For example, if a hospital buys supplies from Worley that had cost Worley $100 to buy from manufacturers, Worley would charge the hospital$105 to purchase these supplies. What is the most significant characteristic or attribute of an effective project manager? The project manager's ambition is to get as much done as possible within a specific time frame with a limited budget. Initiating, planning, monitoring and controlling and closing. Books You don't have any books yet. Supporting WM, PP and MM day-to-day issues and change requests. This value helps an organization better understand what the present value of future money looks like to give more refinement in the project selection process. completion of a required course in project management is an example of what? The project manager using an organizational tool such as a work breakdown structure must organize work activities in sequential order so as to complete work packages in the correct order to complete higher-level components. There are three elements regarding _________ that the project manager will be responsible for: Identify, manage stakeholders, and manage stakeholder participation. Project Cost Management Principles Quiz With Questions And Answers! Authorization to perform work activity can fall within the tasks of any responsible person overseeing a work activity. Siemens has four primary divisions. Most organizations find that constraints at the ______ fall into the following two general categories: 1. Structure - Functional, matrix, or projectized. The new requirements imposed by management, government or some external influence. one of many kinds of tangible by-product produced during the development of software. The featured exercises and quizzes will facilitate your vocabulary and process concepts. \text{Electronic order processing (Number of electronic orders)} & \text{200.000} & \text{12.500 orders}\\ Projects that are used for specialized activities such as research and development, process improvement, or infrastructure-related business activities are called______. A firm believer in lifelong learning. Please note that the five phases of a project (also called "The Project Life Cycle") are: (1) project initiation, (2) project planning, (3) project execution, (4) project monitoring, and (5) project closing. ONES TestCase . Net Present Value, Multi-Selection models, Payback, Internal Rate of Return, Multi-weighted score model, John David Jackson, Patricia Meglich, Robert Mathis, Sean Valentine, Information Technology Project Management: Providing Measurable Organizational Value. Work cannot begin on the successor activities until all work on the burst activity has been completed. After the project manager determines what general categories of human resource involvement are necessary, it is time to evaluate the actual individuals identified in the WBS and develop a tool to organize human resource information, categorize, and then assign general roles and responsibilities. Take ownership and handle . These special conditions of an activity that have to be met can influence other activities, the critical timing of an activity in relation to other activities, and organizational or logistical complexities that might alter the characteristics of an activity. Reveal Solution Discussion. _____ can have a start but not necessarily an end. Two processes are used to evaluate work activities for_______; they are called the program evaluation and review technique (PERT) and the critical path method (CPM). <br><br> . -Manages temporary, non-repetitive activities and frequently acts independently of the formal organization. D) variable cost. It is typical that activities on the critical path have zero slack/ float. Organizations that conduct business with a combination of projects and other business services or manufacturing may have project managers overseeing projects with a level of authority predetermined by upper management. communication. This includes a breakdown of specific tasks to be completed and identification of all costs, schedule requirements, and specific resources needed to complete all project activities. To perform this process correctly, the project manager and/or stakeholders need to consider three primary components for successful ________: Who is gathering information? Contingency Tables are used to test for association, or dependency, between two or more classifications. All successor activities (B, C, D) can start only when that burst activity (A) has been completed. Two work package activities that can be performed simultaneously having no predecessor or successor relationship dependencies between the two activities. New dependencies can arise. \text{Other organization-sustaining costs (None)} & \text{602.000}\\ have a blend of both functional and projectized type structures where the organization may have traditional departments and employees reporting to functional managers, projects are still a large part of the organization's business, and employees spend portions of their time on projects and other parts of their time performing work activities for the functional department. Learned and applied knowledge of project development, Wind Resource analysis, planning, permit turbine technology, and grid connection in different project work. AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile. The network diagram typically flows starting at the left and moving toward the right. PSPO1 Practice Tests Scrum Product Owner certification-160Q. Higher quality and increased reliability 6. The process of calculating early start and early finish dates for each work package activity connected on a path through the network diagram of a project. _________ can include special conditions from the customer, availability of suppliers for critical items required, special contracted services, and governmental regulatory conditions that have to be met. Build your test-day confidence and prepare to obtain the Security Industry Cybersecurity Certification (SICC) with the new SICC Review Course!. This situation is called_______. This process starts at the end of the network diagram and moves backward through all paths to the beginning of the network diagram. $0 $29.99. If the same type of activity is performed multiple times within a project life cycle, it is best to label each one uniquely so they can be identified within the network diagram. _______ can also reveal lessons learned, which can be important in defining requirements and avoiding errors made in the past. Project managers should adopt whatever tools, techniques, and methodologies that a specific company prefersthis keeps senior management happy. Why is the implementation of projects important to strategic planning and the project manager? Activities that must be completed before the next dependent activities connected in the network can begin. If yes, then how many pieces and what are they labeled? Describe the purchasing behaviors that are likely to characterize Worley's least profitable customers. the identifying label on the network documenting information about a work package activity. \text{Number of electronic orders} & \text{15} & \text{0}\\ This is the fifth of six courses that will provide you the knowledge and abilities you need to apply for entry-level project management positions. \text{Manual order processing (Number of manual orders)} & \text{248.000} & \text{4.000 orders}\\ A relationship wherein a successor activity cannot start until a predecessor activity has finished. Die Zahlen des RKI zu Corona im News-Blog. Samsung. A temporary endeavor undertaken to create a unique product, service, or result, A group of related projects designed to accomplish a common goal over an extended period of time, A process of managing a group of ongoing, interdependent, related projects in a coordinated way to achieve strategic objectives. $1. Are there numerous activities to be assimilated? Project Management Quizzes Check your mastery of this concept by taking a short quiz. Try our quick project management quiz to test your knowledge! ________ include all detailed information defining specific requirements to project deliverables. descriptive; grading that is used when little or no actual numerical values have been gathered on project details and decisions have to be made based on more subjective general descriptions. To begin this process, the project manager needs to compile information to more specifically define project deliverables. Within some organizations, internal departments have the resources to produce unique deliverables that can be used or will be required by other departments within the organization; these are called _____. Developing a plan to manage the _____ also includes developing processes that control and validate information used in developing the project schedule. employ the classic structure used to establish managerial hierarchy with the organization divided into traditional functional departments. ________ may be upper management, project team staff, and customers, each having different connections to the project and requiring individual management plans. Additional information that is required but not necessarily found in the ______ for an activity might include: Relationship to other activities, Constraints, & Identified risks. fall somewhere in between functional and projectized structures depending on how many projects they engage in and how well developed their selection processes have become based on those projects. ____ is similar to program management except that it is at a higher level because ____ can include programs, individual projects, and activities performed within the organization. This process is called_________. test bank project management: achieving competitive advantage, 4e (pinto) chapter project selection and portfolio management project screening criterion that DismissTry Ask an Expert Ask an Expert Sign inRegister Sign inRegister Home Ask an ExpertNew My Library Courses You don't have any courses yet. Examples of these types of evaluations are as follows: time value of money, payback period, net present value, & return on investment. To keep track of your finances To help you keep track of each key stage of the project To speed up your work process To delegate all your tasks to others Further Resources: One Week Time Management Plan: Three Famous Techniques Although project managers are encouraged to develop tools like this on their own, the _____ should include, at a minimum, the following information: identifier, description, material required, work activity, human resources, equipment/facilities, time duration, activity cost, predecessors, risks. Improve customer relations 3. A grouping of related projects. A compilation of completed work activities to form a final product identified by the customer as accomplishing a project objective. $$ What are some of the key environmental forces that have changed the way projects are managed? Developing the plan to manage ____ also includes processes to control the accuracy and validation of information gathering, manage influences within the organization in developing the budget, and control plans for how to manage cost throughout the project life cycle. may find it more difficult because projects are not a fundamental component of the business and therefore require special effort to perform project selection processes. This test is designed in a manner so as to offer a wide range of. Project management is the process of leading a team's work to achieve goals and achieve success criteria at a given time. Financial resources 6. Better control of financial, physical and human resources 2. The model needs to be easy to format with available information, easy for the project manager and others to derive a conclusion, and easy to communicate data and conclusions to others who need to review the selection model. Quiz is loading Quality Management for Business Excellence Lead Quality Management in the Organization to Transform the Organization get this COURSE Mastering the Seven Basic Quality Improvement Tools The earliest point uncompleted work can finish on an individual work package activity. I press the small triangle of the right upper to edit a column. Project managers should use the same tools, techniques, and methodologies every day this consistency is key to achieving an optimal outcome. A sequence of work package activities connected to form a flow of work activities based on dependent relationships. $0 $19.99. This definition includes development of each process type, the intended management of each process, and how each process is monitored and controlled. Property taxes on a company's factory building would be classified as a(n): The following is an excerpt of the "approach . Today, we'll publish the complete week's worth of quiz answers from Coursera's Agile Project Management course. Facilities & equipment 5. ___ of the project occurs when acceptance of project deliverables is confirmed. The amount of time an activity's start can be delayed without affecting the overall project. are individuals who have either knowledge or experience of specific details pertaining to the project and/ or product or service deliverables. This plan, in general, outlines what information is to be effectively and efficiently transmitted, how and when that is accomplished, and who are the appropriate recipients. Yes. The latest point uncompleted work can finish on an individual work package activity. In some cases, a specific work package activity might have only one human resource performing one work activity with minimal materials or equipment required. The application of knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to meet the project requirements. In any case, __________ should include, at a minimum, the following: Project management tools used to break down and organize work activities Key people to interview for information Ways to accurately and effectively document information gathered Units of measure used to document the project (that is, hours, weeks, months) Scheduling estimating techniques Scheduling methodologies Tools used to monitor and measure project performance Reporting formats and protocols. Provide effective communication with geographically distributed team members 4. ONES TestCase bug ONES Project ONES . Several patients were also referred or deemed ineligible for antimicrobial treatment (3.7%) following consultation. Video Lessons (298) Quizzes ( 649 ) IT Project Management Tools View. False. After the network diagram is complete and the project has begun, information about each activity needs to be updated and may result in changes to activity relationships, durations, activity float/ slack, and the critical path, which can result in updates to the overall duration of the project. If you choose to learn more about project management, look no further than this quiz. * Human resources required to perform the activity. Have defined start and end dates. A) product cost Integration (or centralization) of project management provides senior management with: Problems resulting from the uncoordinated project management systems include: The Technical Dimension (The "Science") and The Sociocultural Dimension (The "Art"). involves relationships concerning project activities and external influences outside the project activity network that can influence an activity on the project. The company broke its selling and administrative expenses into five activities as shown below: Type of business and market position Senior management experience, personality, and management style Hierarchical command structure Maturity in customer and supplier relationships High-level investment strategies and risk tolerance Senior management's perception of lower-level workforces Organizational approach to customer service General working conditions and environment within the organization. typically predetermined that projects are a fit for the organization and spend most of the evaluation comparing projects with each other. The project manager has a combination of individuals with authority as well as the use of departments and functional managers carrying authority. \text{Total selling and administrative expenses} & \text{\$ 2.000.000}\\ When you review a job listing, which section offers the most insight when deciding if the role is well-suited for you? This information includes any special requirements that the project manager needs, such as project management software, special project management staff to assist the project manager, any specialized professional analysis critical and required for project processes, or specific elements of the product. In this phase, activities include review of the project objective, customer specifications, and determination of initial stakeholders. product or service, produced or provided as part of a project. B. For years, Worley believed that the 5% markup covered its selling and administrative expenses and provided a reasonable profit. Greetings!! Sample Papers. A collection of projects or programs and other work that are grouped together to facilitate effective management of that work to meet strategic business objectives. ? _____ also can have a start but not necessarily an end. most of the evaluation is to determine the value the project will bring to the organization and whether the organization has the capability to perform project activities. The person responsible for working with the project sponsor, the project team and other people involved in a project to meet project goals. VTEEN - Vanity Teen LLC - Fashion, Lifestyle, Culture Digital & Biannual print menswear magazine, founded in 2008 Escalate . What is included in the triple constraint of project management? Master's degreeWind Power Project management (1-year) 2021-2022. The CORRECT statement of project management answer choices The goals are closely related to broad strategic organization goals Provides people with a powerful set of tools that improves their ability to plan, implement, and manage activities to accomplish specific organizational objectives High-level plan providing guidances Dynamic and Self-Motivated Project Manager (Prince 2 and ITIL Certified), Test Manager, Defect Manager, Change Manager, Environment Co-Ordinator with proven track record of leading and managing End to End delivery phases of projects, right from project kick-off, solution requirements analysis, design, test planning, execution, reporting, deployment and Operations support for large complex . Depending on the information and communication structure of a project, some change requests may be informally introduced; because they are not controlled, they result in extra work activity that may or may not be approved. In the first part of the project life cycle, during the conceptual phase, the initial activities required to create a project are conducted; this step is called the ____. This work package activity has been identified to have two or more immediate successor activities flowing away from it. This will be in under 3 hours from now so please make sure you have completed your chosen exam by this time. & + & \$147,470& = &\$475,000\\ \hline Some of the questions include: Are the tasks complicated? A gile Project Management Quiz Answers Week 1. What is the certification program called that the Project Management Institute provides? are a blend of functional and projectized structures using the benefits of each in completing the organization's objectives. True. Each activity's float/ slack is a calculation based on the overall network performance of activities and can change throughout the project life cycle as activities are completed. The perspective of product scope is to put in place boundaries that ensure all the customer expectations of the deliverable have been met as well as control the extent of work performed on the deliverable to protect the supplying organization from overdeveloping a product or service that was not intended. Q. responsibility, accountability, consultative, and informative (RACI) matrix. ___ have a defined start and end. Project Management Quiz - 30 Questions with Answers Project Management Quiz Project Management Questions and Answers: Ques. These activities (A, B, C, D) typically have no other dependency requirements, and no other activities are attached to them. Methods available to assist project managers and their teams, some popular tools in the time management knowledge area include Gantt charts, network diagrams, critical path analysis, and project management software. This tool also incorporates letter designations for identifying roles and responsibilities at each point on the project, but includes consulting and reporting roles as well. Analyzing strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Jun 2022 - Present8 months. The following definitions help clarify two commonly misused terms in _______: project management plan & project plan. B. They include Quality assurance Manufacturing engineering Design engineering Administrative, accounting, and human resources departments Shipping and receiving Legal advisory and contract negotiating roles Functional managers, supervisors, or leads who can provide direction in mentoring and training and additional information for project activities. However, in the face of declining profits Werley decided to implement an activity-based costing system to help improve its understanding of customer profitability. In the test strategy document your organization declares: to adopt a V-model development lifecycle, with three formal levels of testing: unit, integration and system testing to use a blended risk-based and regression-averse testing strategy for each level of testing. Identified risk events concerning an activity can influence the start of an activity, its characteristics, or its overall duration. A person who provides leadership and direction for the project managers heading the projects within the program. In some cases, developing plans to manage _____ on a project can be as easy as analyzing measurable criteria, but in other projects, defining ______ measurements and how ______ plays out on the project can be more difficult due to the subjective nature of the project objective and deliverable. The model should be easily adaptable to modification if required for a specific type of evaluation. True False Correct C. A project manager, project team, stakeholders D. Contract and SLA. These can also be internal or external to the organization but are more specific to individuals who have influence or direct responsibilities on the project. Planning and organizing Question 3) As a project manager on a product team, your stakeholders ask you to help the marketing team come up with a strategy to attract customers. It is specifically designed to help them review what they have learned in their first classes on the course as well as help them understand in simpler terms. Because risk contingencies can mean the allocation of financial resources for the purchase of items, a new direction for a work activity, or the possible rescheduling of human resources, authorization for these types of actions should be issued only to individuals who have had a detailed briefing from the project manager on specific risk events and corresponding contingency plans. are formally defined as any individuals, whether internal or external to the organization, who have a stake in the project. The following example shows how the ______ process is conducted. In the ____ phase, the project team perform and complete work activities. Ex. A method of calculating the expected net monetary gain or loss from a project by discounting all future cash inflows and outflows to the present point in time.

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