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The challenge in oppositions is learning how to positively integrate this "swing" or seesaw energy. If there are many and/or strong Siamese aspects between you, it is normal to feel an attraction that is a code for "similarity attracts". What do you think of this and the other things I wrote. Valentine/Lust trine natal Union/Uranus, Posts: 1984From: AustraliaRegistered: Apr 2009, In synastry we have:my union square his NN/valentine (1)my union quincunx his vertex/union (1)my union sextile his eros (1)his union trine my moon/venus/saturn/NN/amor (4/2/2/5/1)his union quincunx my proserpina/valentine (1)his union trine my amor (1). I am not sure exactly how this would play out, Tiffany. sun cnj pluto Still, it is the largest asteroid of the asteroid belt, and one of the four largest asteroids, along with Juno, Pallas, and Vesta. please excuse my hasty Aries mercury :D, No worries! Asteroid Psyche or Alma sextile, trine or conjunct Psyche or Alma - Soul sister or brother. ------------------I'm sooo happy! She 1998/Spe/22 time unknown Taipei Taiwan. I'm going to do some more digging and will return.. thank you again so much!!! People who have a strong Angel in the natal chart are angels to people. sec. I allow a two degree orb. How do oppositions with asteroids play out in synastry? PS What is your connection to him(emotionally) , DD? The reason the pairs Moon/Sun and Venus/Mars are number 1 on the list is because these are the two archetypal romantic/marital pairs, as per their mythology and symbolism. For example: in a female natal chart, we found Juno in the zodiac sign Scorpio. Pls help me! If neither people have planets in the others 5th house, and lack aspect to each others 5th house ruler, there may be a lack of joy or pleasure in the relationship. Can you give me an insight into our synastry? Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. Lilith is also conjunct Varuna in 25 degrees gemini but not in retrograde. Hence, in synastry, the Angel person would bring a warm, helpful and sacrificial vibe to the Moon person. Interesting, Moonie! Thank you for that! This model describes the best identified relationships. If another persons Saturn is in hard aspect to the Moon, the Moon person may feel criticized by Saturn or as though they need to grow up to feel valid in the relationship. Be the light i need pls lol, Just to name a few synastry Posts: 9778From: Death StarRegistered: Nov 2012. This would be a serious relationship with the marital values of devotion and loyalty. Type your birth details where it says at the top or log in. (In composite chart, composite venus is at 21 taurus (which is my natal north node) and composite jupiter at 22 pisces (which is 1 deg orb to his natal north node) Aphrodite Love: Seduction Asteroid Aphrodite is a super flirt and very seductive. And we have her Nymph near my Moon (and her Lilith and Nymph CONJ my Vertex (sitting on it) ). If the flame went out, they were whipped. Saturn conjunct Sun can feel like restricted expression of vital energy. asteroid and black moon lilith both conjunct my moon and midheaven. She had the Plutonian - Aphrodisian promise, but she delivered it laced with URanus, she had him in her thrall, but wouldn`t allow a complete merging. When studying asteroid connections in a synastry chart, which aspects are most powerful? So maybe aspects between Odysseus/Circe can be relevant. Below that box, there is another horizontal box which says "Additional asteroids, fixed stars, and other objects, please select from the respective lists below.". This could be the type of situation where you two hook-up and afterwards you wait for a call that never comes. The synastry chart with the person that drove me to astrology and this forum reveals that my Hygiea is conjunct his 7th house Soma (see thread on this asteroid) and his Hygiea is conjunct my IC. Conjunctions and oppositions in tight orb? Yes, there would be great passion there, Marion dear.However, would the relationship last? Everything in my first house I believe I struggle with daily mainly because of Saturns position. Asteroids Erda and Gaea obviously represent your connection with the Earth. NN trine sun; sq sat/plu Moon conjunct Lust--The Lust person may not be serious and the Moon person may be hurt. Asteroid Fortuna or Tyche sextile, trine or conjunct your Vina's Fortuna . I think I can tell when song is just Venus/Pluto or Pluto /Ahprodite OR has Uranus added in ,too? I do charts for the people who want them. 1) I noticed draco composite chart and transits can be quite evident in significant timings. It is the most intimate part of oneself. Why dont you choose one, my Friend, and I will try to help. His Union is in Leo (finally.. something)His Union conjuncts my Mars/Pallas. It's been a lifelong romance full of passion & sex, full of ups & downs, going on 40 yrs next year. You may want to Google it and come back with the info. Hence, one needs to be aware of any asteroid that touches it in synastry. his Briede on 00 Libra conjunct her Moon on 28 Virgo. What if a birth chart had all placements in exalted What do YOU believe is your most difficult placement to Has the Draconic chart a real foundation in us? Oppositions are emblematic for romantic relationships, since one important part of a good romantic connection comes from Yin/Yang polarities. She told me that in her mind,she pretended he was her ex bf. Click on Extended Chart Selection. Harmonious aspects to Saturn support growth and devotion in the relationship without feeling so challenging. What about opposites/squares? my Chiron, Lust and Sedna conj his South node And for "love-asteroids" I prefer the harmonious aspects. (all of them are exact) of Weddings- square his Desire- square his Anacreon- square his Melancholia- oppose his Veritas, HIS "UNION"- cj. Moon Conjunct AS of Disappointment- square his Venus- square his Don Quixote- square his Pavlov- square his Drakonia- oppose his Jupiter- oppose his Amanda- oppose his Pt. 2) My romantic interest and I both share IC conjunct north node (1 deg orb) in our natal charts and our north nodes exact sextile (21 taurus and 21 Pisces). My maniac is in their 5th house. Mc conjunct north node his Sun/Moon mid point conj my Moon and Asc Ultimate Bulletin Board 5.46a, Powered by Infopop www.infopop.com 2000 His Nymphe conjuncts my sun-moon midpoint exactly and my nymphe conjuncts his DC exactly. The beauty is the veneer,if you will, for the power. his Boda conj my Part of fortune August 2015 The 5-year one also had an exact conjunction between his Moon and my Sun, and an exact sextile between his Mars and my Venus. (2 deg orb). or just amor opposite to amor will be ok, thank you! He seemed really irritable but then again it could be from their moon conjunct ascendant. Asteroids in Synastry Chart, Free Astrology Calculator. Even squares to Saturn can be great as they challenge the couple to rise in these areas of relationship. Moon conjunct ProsperinaThe Prosperina will have a hard transition from teens to adulthood. June 2015 hi, Sun/Mars is an energetic Yang combo, masculine, physical, raw energy is amplified, for good or bad, Moon/Venus is the Yin counterpart, it brings softness, intimacy, emotionality, feeling sweet, tender, protective and forgiving with each other and Moon/Mars amplifies emotions, for good and bad, makes for a "hot" interaction, and it is also an Yin/Yang pair, it can get a little bumpy at times, because of Mars in danger of stomping on Moon's sensitivity, but it's also an aspect of strong physical attraction, on the raw side, and fertility, among other things. Moon conjunct Nemesis In this case, the Nemesis person may be an enemy to the Moon person. PainInTheWorld. Posts: 849 From: Registered: Aug 2013: posted November 16, 2013 05:54 PM quote: Actually, virtually every single Asteroid can be used on condition that you keep a very very tight orb. He seems like the perfect blend of dark and light. Secrets from a Stargazer's Notebook, Debbi Kempton Smith: https://www.amazon.com/Secrets-Stargazers-Notebook-Debbi-Kempton/dp/1892881268 February 2017 of Weddings. It could feel like they aren't able to get that initial spark back as the relationship matures. Which i want to know the most is Amor(retrograde) conjunct both venus and neptune of other (orb 0>. My kaali exactly conjuncts his Mars and Venus points in it. vertex conjunct all the above 2. They matter but they have to be really close, Andrew(1-2 degrees). "Sex-asteroids" enjoy some tension, but too much tension in emotional context is not good. Then I checked our synastry and now he is always on my mind, there are very close or exact degree aspects: Whatever important aspects, good and bad, that you can tell me would be very helpful. Ascendant in virgo. So keep doing that --look at the PDF table of aspects associated with that synastry chart, and read all the aspects to Saturns, aspects to the South Nodes, to the Moons, and to the Karma asteroid and that should give you clues to the past life, karmic connections between you. And that above explanation, I can see is right. My asteroid Union is conjunction my partners Ascendant. But well, about the hot-epic-thrilling thing.. *blush* aside of the Amor/Karma/Union/Destinn/other asteroids aspects, we have: - his Lust conjunct my NN (1), semi-sextile my Venus/BML (1); - my Lust opposes his Moon (2), square his NN/MC (1/0), conjunct his Vertex/Karma (3/0); - his BML conjunct my DC (3);(there are some other BML aspects but this is the most relevant); - in the draconic synastry, his Lust falls on my Moon/Venus/Mercury/BML stellium; - there were also a few number of aspects with Lust in the transits (mostly to Neptune/Venus/Juno and other asteroids)/SR charts, and maybe progressed charts too. Aww, that is lovely Marion. Retrograde would mean one would have to go inward before one could come out. No wonder we have a happy made up family scenario sharing home in spite of all cultural odds. venus/mars DW we dont have any Deja / Nessus aspects only our Nessus is exact conj If they broke their vows, they were buried alive. Angel square saturn ------------------Pluto conjunct Dejanira, Girlfriend. You can give a sacrificial love. In my past Ive had quite a few sexual affairs but now Ive started to find I dont derive much satisfaction from it as I used to. Enthusiasm.The way he dances through life, so enthusiastic, extrovert, carefree, optimistic, energetic, happy is just infectious.Seeing him I feel like life really IS easy.While I operate from my mind, he seemt to live through his instincts, impulses. Please leave. Hi amiaan, how will you explain synastry has: Click on My Astro. Ascendants are trine Lib/Aqu. Can you post the chart on my Forum, Eva dear. However, personal planets (Sun/Moon/Mercury/Mars/Venus) square, opposite or conjunct the 6th house ruler in synastry can indicate an enemy. The Ascendant is your physical appearance, attitude and outward style. Press J to jump to the feed. I have 2 yods with someone in composite chart. This would be a sense of the deep connection that is needed for marriage. I sometimes look at them, and only look at conjuncts 0-1 degrees. These red flags mention potential indicators of abuse and toxic dynamics in synastry and natal charts. Could be worse :/. Its one. Taipei,Taiwan The DC or Descendant describes your partner in a birth chart. Sun novile moon I want to know if our synastry and composite chart is a good indicator of a future long-lasting marriage between us, and are we soulmates or twin flames? Relationships are made (or broken) by analyzing the personal points (Ascendant, MC, Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars) in different ways (aspect analysis, midpoint analysis, elemental analysis, degree areas etc.). While you may have Venus sextile or trine their AC in synastry, there could be a sweet mutual attraction initially and you may even hit it off. A groundedness and being in touch with his body and senses and everything physical and earthy, that I compeltely lack.Very fascinating. We can check Juno in our natal chart, in synastry, and in composite charts. Would you be able to do an interpretation of the compatibility between Bo Burnham and Lorene Scafaria? Not sure about marriage though. His Venus in Libra conjuncts my Mars in Libra and my Jupiter in Sagittarius conjuncts his Mars in Sagittarius (the cowboy Wanderer). They are from 3 different synastries. You light up each other's path IF you agree to offer each other unconditional emotional support and care. There were also some strong Saturn ties, so the relationships lasted a bit. Hmm I guess that when we met, he might have idealized me a bit in a Piscean way, while I liked him too yet I'm not exactly sure how I really felt back then (it was all too sudden!!). Moon conjunct CupidoCupido is the look of love used to deceive. They are smaller. If you really want to use Asteroids in synastry, we recommend using the following ones for a start, aside from the Name Asteroids of the involved persons: Sappho: this Asteroid is told to have an interest in sex, resulting in sexual charisma or sexual activity. Scroll down the page and at the bottom of the page there is a box that reads 'Additional objects'. But first: any boyfriend who claims someone other than you is their soulmate is not going to make you happy or be a good partner to you, ever. Hope you have some comments on them. Posts: 714From: The StrandRegistered: Apr 2009, Posts: 275From: EuropeRegistered: Apr 2009, HIS "UNION" - cj. Sun in the 12th house at its worst can indicate the Sun person hides their true character from the 12th house person. soulmates and twinflames checklist. Have you come across such experience? Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. I love you and hope you write to me to say hello or to ask questions. In the natal chart of her husband, we found Juno in Cancer; his wife was born under the zodiac sign Cancer. This would include the trine, sextile, square and opposition. Powered by Infopop www.infopop.com 2000 my Moon conj his Sun and Asc We all have free will, potential to evolve and the capacity to treat each other with dignity and respect. Cupido is the look of love to deceive as a player does. moon sq ve/ma Thanks you. I think this this is very significant, because the relationsihip is meant to heal both of us on many major levels. It FEELS like power combined with beauty like a beautiful automobile, a Jaguuer. Currently you have JavaScript disabled. I would keep those orbs really tight, like 2-degrees max (and I would only extend out to 2-degrees if the asteroid is conjunct the Sun, Moon, or chart ruler). As far as our understanding goes by researching the Asteroids in synastry, the Asteroids rather describe (shared) events that the couple is likely to experience. Which house in astrology rules social media? I've a few questions in my mind and wonder if you have any comment on them.. Ami, I was just temporarily locked out right now because I forgot my password or I messed up something I have no idea what have I done so they will send me info on how to unlock it. He touches your Angel so you are prolly obsessed with wanting to do good deeds but it is not easy. his Pt. Are you more likely to join with someone when transiting Union is conjunct your natal angles or personal planets? In synastry we have: my union square his NN/valentine (1) my union quincunx his vertex/union (1) . Angel conjunct north node his Circe- cj. The 18-month one had his Moon exactly conjunct my Sun and his Mars trine my Venus. Click on Additional Objects. The Spiderwoman one FEELS,to me, like the person who HAS it in the natal FEELS. my Moon conj his Mars and Karma Me and someone have every planet and astroid in yin yang aspects and DW. Chiron Oppose Sun It's less about what keeps the partners together as such. October 2017 How would this describe my persona? eros conjunct sun mercury and neptune Use tight orbs : 0-3 degrees. His birthday is 3/7/84 and I don't know his birth time, but my best guess is 6:30pm GMT+9 time zone. What is your insight of our synastry? Finding the position of the Asteroids in the horoscope: When you go to theAstrodienst AG web site, | Privacy Policy | FAQ's | Updates | Site Map |Copyright 2003-2023Luc De Jaeger - Cosmic Technologies (CosmiTec)All Rights Reserved - Site built with the help of Solo Build It!

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